Standard Pool Opening Request

Typically a process including 2 visits

  • Remove and fold pool cover
  • Install deck equipment (ladder, diving board, handrails)
  • Remove winterizing plugs
  • Drain water bags and fold
  • Add chlorine
  • Customer will fill pool water over night up to swim level
  • We will return within 2 days to:
  • Start up pool equipment
  • Vacuuming the pool is an additional $80.00/hour plus chemicals
  • $175.00 Deposit is required with credit card at time of scheduling

If you would also like to sign up for our weekly cleaning service, your pool will have to be vacuumed until it is clear at our hourly rate of $80.00/hour plus chemicals).

Pool cover must be free of excess water and leaves at time of opening. An additional charge of up to $220 will apply for removing water and/or leaves from cover prior to opening.

Standard Openings DO NOT Include:

  • Repair of equipment: these services are performed at additional cost & must be scheduled separately
  • Cleaning of filter cartridges or D.E. filter grids are Not Included
  • Vacuuming of pool is Additional for Standard and Partial Pool Openings $80.00/hour plus chemicals.


To make sure your pool is clean and clear by Memorial Day, schedule your pool opening for the week of May 7th or earlier.

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Person Requesting Service
Week of Pool Opening - Please select the week of opening below and check services included. We schedule pool openings on a first come first serve basis.
Week of pool opening (Memorial Day - May 28):
Requested Services at Opening

Clean and Store 1 Cover $190Clean and Store 2 Covers $300Vacuum Pool at Opening $80/hr plus chemicalsSpa Opening $150Acid Wash Pool $1175

Weekly Maintenance Services


Repair Services Needed

Equipment RepairBrick/Tile RepairReplaster PoolReplace LinerReplace Cover

Pre-Season Specials

Variable Speed Pump $1470IC30 Salt Water Chlorine Generator $1650Filter Maintenance (price based on filter type)Heater Spring Cleaning $110Salt Water Chlorine Generator Cleaning $110

Method of Payment

Comments or Additional Information:

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