Dreaming of a Backyard Living Space with a Beautiful Pool?

You’ve come to the right place!

At O’Brien Swimming Pool Service we build custom, high quality, beautiful pools.

We understand installing a new pool in your backyard is a large commitment of time and money.  Therefore, we do our best to make the process as clear and efficient as possible.

You can count on our team to:

Be your pool partner

Provide clear communication

Work hard to bring your dream pool to life

And truly care about you and your new pool

Not only are we pool builders, but we are also a service company.  This means when you have equipment questions or maintenance needs we are here to help.  Some companies only build pools, and they build nice pools, but they can’t help you with your new pool needs down the road.  Wouldn’t you prefer to work with the same company start to finish, who knows your pool from the bottom up?

We Specialize in Vinyl Liner Pools

Why Vinyl Liner?

Here are 5 Reasons We Prefer Liner Pools

  • Lower Maintenance: As compared to plaster/concrete/pebble-finish pools when you need to re-surface your pool due to age or staining, ALL you have to do is replace your liner.  It is a much more cost-effective and faster solution.  Plaster/concrete/pebble-finish require at least ONE MONTH of special maintenance after re-surfacing your pool.  Who really wants to mess with that?
  • Easy and Cost Effective to Update the Look of Your Pool:  Have you ever made a large renovation on your home and then realized 5-8 years later you want a completely new look?  Well, if you have a vinyl liner pool that you want to update you are in luck.  Changing the liner color/pattern can transform the look of your pool in an easy and cost effective way.  But once you install a fiberglass pool you are stuck… Or if you build a plaster pool you could re-plaster your pool with a new finish, but that project will cost you at least 2-3x the price of replacing a new pool liner.
  • Custom Pool Shapes: You can design custom pool shapes, which are not available for fiberglass pools.  When building fiberglass pools, you choose from a selection of pre-fabricated pools.  The options the manufacturer produces creates the limit to your selection.  With vinyl liner pools, we build your pool section by section and can customize your shape to fit your personal style and yard.
  • Smooth Finish: Have you ever gotten into a pool and realized the pool floor was really rough?  Or worse, has the pool floor ever cut your children’s feet?  Well that only happens with plaster/concrete/pebble-finish pools, it is not the case for vinyl liner pools.  You are guaranteed a soft, smooth finish throughout the life of the liner.
  • Cool features: If you can dream it we can do it- With Vinyl!  Interested in a sun ledge to layout on, or maybe pool steps that extend from one side of your pool to the other, or even a beach entry?  It is possible with a vinyl liner pool.  Let us know what your dream pool looks like and we will help you make it a reality!

What's My Investment?

At O’Brien, we build custom, high quality swimming pools.  We aren’t the most expensive pool builders in our area and we are also not the cheapest.  Our custom pool proposals reflect our high standards and pool craftmanship.  We will build your pool to accommodate your style and your needs.  We can build a pool for someone who wants simple and classic look all the way up to another who wants a luxurious and extravagant pool.   Your pool should uniquely reflect you, your family and your lifestyle needs.

How much could a bad hire cost you?

Probably more than you think!

How do you put a price on your time, your investments, and if we’re honest… your sanity?  We’ve all worked with difficult companies or people who we would not choose to work with again, but you only build a pool once.  So, it is important you make an informed decision.  A poor choice may cost you a great deal more than the initial pool contract price!

At O’Brien we believe it is important to find a company you can trust and one that truly cares about you and your pool!

Our 7 Step Process to Your Dream Pool

1. Get Inspired: Search the web, Create boards on Pinterest or Houzz- know your “must haves” and your “can’t live withouts.”


2. Talk to Our Expert: Review your ideas, budget, timeframe, and questions with our pool building expert.


3. Receive & Sign Our Custom Pool Contract: Your contract will layout your step by step pool building plan and when when your deposit and progress payments are due.


4. Schedule a Start Date: Decide what time of year you would like your pool built based on when you want to swim for the first time, what is best for your family, and sometimes we have discounts if you have your pool built in the off-season.


5. Dig: When we start digging your pool, it is a very exciting time. But don’t forget there is so much more to do!


6. Build: Once we excavate the hole for your pool the process has just begun. We will layout the pool walls, pour a footing to hold the walls in place, pour your pool floor, dig a trench to layout your pool piping, pour a pad for your equipment, install your pool piping, attach your pool piping to your new pool equipment, install your pool liner, fill your pool with water and balance it. Not to mention pouring a deck and adding any fun features you have selected for your pool & backyard. It sounds simple, but it is a very technical process that will take your pool builders weeks or sometimes up to a month to complete.


7. Swim!! This is the best part! Your family now has their dream pool and you finally get to enjoy it.



When You Build a Pool with O’Brien, You May Experience…

Jealous Friends
How to Spot a Jealous Friend: They are friends who are always asking to have happy hour at your house or just randomly showing up on Saturdays with their suit and raft in tow!

Kids Who WANT to Hang Out at Home
Signs That Your Kids Enjoy Being at Home: They no longer ask if they can go to Jack’s house, Now they ask if Jack and Noah and Michael can all come over to Your house!

A Relaxed and Happy Relationship
You’ll Know it When: You both look forward to the end of the work day when you get to step out your backdoor to a beautiful living space and enjoy drinks by the pool together!

Common Questions and Answers:

1. Can I still have a pool if my backyard is small?
Answer: YES!  Small backyards are perfect for small pools.  You just want to make sure to check your property easements and review your boundary survey to make sure you have enough room for a pool and a small deck in your backyard.


2. About how much will a pool installation cost?
Answer: It all depends on your budget and the type of pool you want to build.  At O’Brien, our vinyl liner pools start at $60,000, but if you want a luxurious pool and have the budget for it we can build you a pretty amazing pool for $100,000+.  Either way, if you hire O’Brien, you will end up with a beautiful, custom built pool!


3. How much does it cost per year to maintain a pool?
Answer: As of 2017, the average cost to hire a company to maintain your pool (chemicals included, but all repair work is not included) is around $3,000.  Of course, this cost could go up or down based on the work you do yourself or the work you hire a service company to complete.  Also, don’t forget, O’Brien Swimming Pool not only builds pools, but they service them too!


4. When is the best time of year to build a pool?
Answer: Anytime!  The best time of year to build a pool is when it is right for your family.  Some people like to build their pool in the fall and so it is ready to go first thing the next spring.  Others like to build their pool in the spring and hopefully get it completed before the first hot weekend in St. Louis/ St. Charles.  And then there are customers who do not care when their pool is built as long as they get to swim in it soon.  The only time you do not want to finish building a pool is in the winter when the ground is frozen.  Not only do you not want to pour concrete that time of year, but you also cannot install liners when it is that cold outside.  So, at the end of the day, you  have to decide what is best for you.  And if you still don’t know, just check with our expert and they will guide you to the best option for you.