Winter Swimming Pool Service

O’Brien Swimming Pool Service would like to make sure your swimming pool is properly taken care of this winter. We are here to help in any way we can.

O’Brien Swimming Pool Service can sign you up for our Winter Service Program which provides maintenance for your swimming pool, pool cover, and pool equipment for the winter season. Each month we will come out to your pool and pump the stagnant water off of your pool cover, check and adjust your cover as needed, check your pool equipment, add chlorine if needed and clean off all leaves (disposing of the leaves comes with an additional price). Our Winter Service Program will help your pool clear up faster in the spring after your pool opening.

Safety Cover with Cover Pump

We can also provide you with a cover pump if you would prefer to maintain your own pool in the winter. All you need is an old garden hose and an extension cord to have your pump up and running. Simply plug in the pump, when needed, to lower the water in the pool or to pump off the stagnant water on top of your pool cover. Please note that you should always unplug pump when not needed. Call us for pricing on a new cover pump.

To extend the life of your cover pump and to avoid minor electrical shortages you will need to unplug your pump whenever the weather is below freezing. The optimal use of the cover pump is to plug it in (while the temperature is above freezing) when there is water on your cover and unplug the pump as soon as it removes all the water from your cover.

For more information, questions, or to sign up please call our office at 314-521-4151, go to our website at, or email us at