Weekly Pool Cleanings

Swimming Pool Maintenance Services

Weekly Cleanings

Let us keep your pool clean and clear! This service begins after your swimming pool is cleaned up following your pool opening. Please call us at 314-521-4151 to sign up for pool maintenance service.

Weekly Service

Once A Week Cleaning
  • Vacuuming of Pool at Opening ($80.00/hour plus chemicals) or a Deluxe Pool Opening is required before Weekly Service can begin.
  • We require all weekly service customers to have a chlorinator or salt system installed to sanitize their pool water.
  • Weekly Service begins prompty after the pool is cleared up from it’s opening condition.  If you sign up for weekly service we guarantee your pool will remain clear (you will not be charged for additional visits during your weekly service.)
  • Chemicals Included: Soda Ash, Bi-Carb, & Muratic Acid
  • Chemicals Not Included: Chlorine ($99.50/ 25lb bucket), Salt ($13.00/ bag), Phosphate Remover ($63.25/ bottle), Water Clarifier ($28.50/ bottle)
  • Weekly Service Process:
  • Vacuum entire pool
  • Skim pool surface
  • Clean skimmers and baskets
  • Test and treat water (see above for chemicals included and chemicals not included)
  • Backwash filter (if applicable)
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I like the friendly, prompt & professional service provided by O’Brien Swimming Pool!  We are pleased with their weekly maintenance services and we were very happy with the pool renovation work they did for us!

Victoria LaResche


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