Salt Water Swimming Pools

Salt Water Pools

Chlorine generators are the easiest and most effective way to keep your pool clean.  Chlorine generators are a piece of equipment added to your standard pool equipment that transforms salt into chlorine.  Gone are the days of adding chlorine tablets to your chlorinator and spending hundreds of dollars a year on buckets of chlorine tablets.

Once installed, chlorine generators only require that you add salt to the generator; usually once in a large quantity at the start of the season and then depending on the usage of your pool, you may need to add a small amount during the course of the season.  They are a great choice for your swimming pool because they’re very user friendly and can be set and left alone to chlorinate your pool.

Another great feature of the chlorine generator is that the salt used to chlorinate your pool makes the water softer and is better for your eyes, skin, as well as your bathing suits.  Your skin will notice the difference from the dryness with chlorine tablets to the smooth, soft salt water from your chlorine generator.

A chlorine generator will make a great addition to everyone’s swimming pool.  Also, for a limited time we are offering an IntelliChlor Chlorine Generator at the discounted price of $1,795.00 installed, a $100 savings!  (offer valid through 3/29/2013)