Protect Your Children and Your Swimming Pool


   Owning a high-quality swimming pool cover will help keep your swimming pool, your children, and your pets protected throughout winter.  A premium pool cover which blocks out dirt as well as the sun, will also help your pool clear up faster in the spring after your pool opening.

There are two types of covers: one is a solid vinyl cover which will block the sun 100% and offers excellent protection for your pool and the other is a mesh cover which is available in a few different options. First, we have the 5000M cover which is a basic mesh cover; it blocks out 91% of the sun and offers limited protection.  This cover requires more extensive winter maintenance as well as an undercover to better protect your pool water.  The next level up in mesh covers are the 7000MS. This cover offers much more protection for your pool it will block out 99% of the sun, and it filters fine dirt particles down to microscopic size.  The top tier mesh cover is the 9000MX.  This is the most recent mesh cover to be released and it offers the best protection out of all the covers.  It blocks 99% of the suns rays and has numerous features that increases it’s durability such as: reinforced mesh, box stitched thread at crucial webbing joints, new spring suspension, and innovative spring covers which allow the springs to  lie flat at all times and keeps your deck protected from spring scratches.

So no matter what your needs are O’Brien Swimming Pool Service will be able to find the proper cover to protect your pool this winter.

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