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Ultra Violet Light Sanitizers

ChildinPool6Delta UV System

For a healthier and safer pool environment go UV.

Here are the reasons O’Brien recommends UV as the best option for your family and your pool:

  • No nasty chlorine smell, no more red eyes, dry skin, or damaged hair
  • Compatible with all types of pools, spas, and filters
  • Prolongs pool and equipment life
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Can be automated with an existing chlorinator or salt system
  • Ability to reduce chlorine levels with this system
How the UV system works:

Through leading edge technology, UV light is produced inside the Delta UV system. The UV rays sanitize your water by zapping germ cells when your water runs past the UV light and destroys the cells on contact.

Different types of UV systems have been on the market for years. The technology is on it’s way to becoming the favored water sanitizing system in the mid-west region. O’Brien Swimming Pool Service feels that this new technology is the best in the market for your family’s health.

Hi! I am writing in response to the 30th Anniversary Special Offer that we received in the mail. We choose O’Brien Pool because of the exceptional service we receive year after year.

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