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The laminar effect is a high-tech illusion. The water is so well controlled it creates a continuous glass-like rod of water that hits the water virtually sound-free and splash-free. When color-changing fiberoptics are added and connected to a commercial quality 150 watt illuminator, it produces breathtaking evening light shows.

The WaterCrystal collection of water effect is designed for new or renovated residential pools and spas. With WaterCrystal, you can add beautiful water effects to finish off decks, shallows, walls and raised pool areas. At the same time, you can add the restful sound of falling water.

Constructed of bronze, WaterCrystal products add professional-looking fountain effects to backyard pool and spa environments. This creates more fun for swimmers, more eye appeal for the yard or garden and spectacular night-time effects.

I like the friendly, prompt & professional service provided by O’Brien Swimming Pool!  We are pleased with their weekly maintenance services and we were very happy with the pool renovation work they did for us!

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