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IntelliproVS3050PumpIntelliFlo Variable Speed Pump

  • Typically slashes electricity costs 30% to 90%.
  • Easy to program and operate.
  • Offers ultra-quiet operation … just 7 – 10 decibels or half a human whisper
  • Operates at the minimum speed required for unmatched longevity

IntelliChlorSaltChlorinatorIntelliChlor® Salt Chlorinator

  • Never Buy Chlorine Again
  • Shock pool with just a push of the button
  • Totally automatic: just set and leave it.
  • Softer water: easy on skin, swimsuits and equipment

IntelliBriteLEDLightsIntelliBrite® Color-Changing LED Lights

An Eco Select™ Choice: LED (Light Emitting Diode) automated color-changing pool and spa lights are the most energy-efficient pool and spa lighting option available. Plus, they can last 30,000 hours or more, minimizing replacement cost and disposal.

ThemalFloHeatPumpsThermalFlo™ Heat Pumps

ThermalFlo™ Heat Pumps transfer heat from the atmosphere to the pool or spa, saving up to 80% in energy costs compared to gas-fired heaters. Plus, they are the only heat pumps available that use R-410A refrigerant-EPA-recognized as environmentally safe and clean.

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