Swimming Pool FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions About Swimming Pools

Swimming Pool FAQs


What causes cloudy water?

Many things can contribute to cloudy water.

  • Low sanitizer levels
  • High pH and improper water chemistry
  • Poor filtration – i.e. clogged baskets, pump not running long enough, filter needs, back-washing, clogged lines
  • High calcium hardness levels
What are those rusty brown, or black, or blue, or gray stains on my plaster?

Generally these stains are caused by metals in the water, falling out of solution and landing on the plaster, causing a stain.

What part of the equipment is most important for my pool?

There are actually 3 important parts of an equation that equal a great looking swimming pool.

  1. Pump – Proper pump and filter size
  2. Filter – Proper running time
  3. Water Chemistry – Properly balanced water
How long should I run my pool pump?

Generally speaking, a minimum of 12 hours a day during the season and 6 hours a day during the off- season.

What is the most important factor of water chemistry?

testkitAlkalinity – Generally if the alkalinity is right, the pH will be right. Proper sanitizer levels are also extremely important to ensure swimmers’ safety.

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